Integrations are used to build engaging Messaging Experiences and to extend your application beyond what our core platform provides. Integrations leverage various webook and server APIs provided as part of the Layer platform. They are designed to work with Layer’s XDK framework.

They may be written to work with existing or custom Messages in order to support rich and stateful Messaging Experiences. Additionally, it’s possible to create integrations which make use of the other events in order to leverage other technologies such as bots, email and sms fallback, analytics, sentiment analysis, and content filtering, to name a few.

Integration Development Kit

The Integration Development Kit (IDK) is the combination of a command-line tool, a catalog of integrations, and a JavaScript library.

The IDK command-line tool, layer-integrations, enables you to quickly deploy existing integrations which are available as part of the Layer Integrations Catalog or integrations which you have written using our guidelines leveraging Serverless, an abstraction layer over the cloud function functionality available from Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The Layer Integrations Catalog is a set of integrations which can be deployed with minimal effort into the Layer Platform for your applications using the layer-integrations command-line tool.

The IDK JavaScript library, @layerhq/idk, is available via NPM and provides abstractions to the Layer Platform making it easier to build your own integrations to tie into the Layer Platform for your applications.


The command-line tool, layer-integrations, helps developers quickly install and deploy integrations.

The install command will download the latest integration package from the Layer Integrations Catalog.

The deploy command will guide you through all the necessary provisioning steps, and at the end, you should have a fully functioning integration running in your Cloud Provider.


The Layer Integrations Catalog is a set of pre-built integrations which cover certain use-cases or workflows.

Some available integrations are:


In order to provide functionality that is common across all integrations, we developed a Javascript library, @layerhq/idk. Its main purpose is to provide abstractions for Layer Webhook function handlers (signature verification, event type validation, parsing JSON payload, etc.) and expose Layer Server API operations needed to drive the integrations.