Email Fallback

The integration is designed to provide a turn-key solution for the deployment of an email fallback mechanism that will deliver a templated email after a specific amount of time has passed and the message remains unread. It is using Sendgrid as the partner backend for email delivery.

You will need to provide Sendgrid API key.

Fallback time

Whether an email is sent is determined by the time passed between when a message was sent and when that message was read. Messages are batched together per conversation.

A good default time would be 24 hours. You should not expect the email fallback to trigger precisely when fallback delay expires, this time is approximate.

Email template

We provide a basic HTML template based on Responsive HTML Email Framework learn more about how to build responsive emails there.

It is expected to modify email templates. You will want to format URLs to link to your messaging application, style it to match your design and provide additional content. You can find text and html templates inside common/templates/ folder.


To install this integration:

layer-integrations install email-fallback